Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Support GENG ORIGINAL Merchandise & be our RESELLER~!

Hi All~!Good News!!
First of all, i would like to tell u all that our movie,
GENG: Pengembaraan Bermula
had officially reached 6M!!!
Thank you all of your support!!!
For those who watched it once or over and over,
you are part of it and

And now, here's another issue that we r facing now.
We all know that piracy issue is very common in Malaysia,
GENG cannot be exempted as well.
We received calls that reporting us about the pirated stuff they saw somewhere.
some even wanted to report to the police.
Some said they will definitely buy the original merchandise of GENG,
but they are too far away to come here.

So here we'll try to some our way to reduce the piracy.
Now we have this kempen as

Whoever interested in selling our merchandise,
feel free to join us.
Just follow the steps shown in the image above.
It's easy and fast.
Terms and condition apply.
Any enquiry please email us:
Four simple steps, then you're one of the original supporter of GENG Merchandise : )
Here are some samples of the original merchandise:

New design and items coming soon!

For those who wish to order the items online,
now you can do so by sending your order to:
here's some simple steps on how to oder.

Step01 : List down the items you want to order,
detaily with size, colour, quantity, etc.
(catelogue refers here)

Eg: Pencil case
color: pink
quantity: 2

T-shirt Geng
size: S longsleeve
color: black
quantity: 1

Step02 : Send the order list to the email above.
We'll check the availability of the items order and total amount that you need to pay.
(including postage (courier/poslaju)

Step03 : After receiving confirmation email from us.
Bank in the amount to the following account.

Name : nurulhuda sharabuddin
Maybank : 154044728566

Step04 : Email us a copy of the receipt.

The items ordered will be ready asap and send to your doorsteps : )
As simple as that,
No traffic jam or lost while looking for our shop : p
World of GENG, section13, Shah Alam.

Please support ORIGINALITY.
original idea, story or artwork created by Malaysian.



Anonymous said...

esk sy bt..

Papysnow said...

thank you asis,
u sgt active kat blog kita org ne, selalu nampak u ~:D

Kalao ade apa apa yg tak faham, sila emel kita org o~

Anonymous said...

okie dokie...
xde prob..