Friday, February 20, 2009

GENG RoadTour In Coming!!

Hey guys! Here's the schedule for ta coming weekends~!

Date : 20 Feb 2009 (Friday)
Venue : GSC Times Square
Time : 8 pm - 10 pm

Date : 21 Feb 2009 (Saturday)
Venue : GSC Pavillion
Time : 12.30 pm - 3 pm

Date : 21 Feb 2009 (Saturday)
Venue : TGV KLCC
Time : 8 pm - 10pm

Date : 22 Feb 2009 (Sunday)
Venue : GSC Alamanda
Time : 12.30 pm - 3pm

Date : 22 Feb 2009 (Sunday)
Venue : TGV Seremban 2
Time : 8 pm - 10pm

Meet your favourite voice actors :


special appearance of


there and get a free poster with their signatures!!

And never miss the chance to take pictures with UpinIpin Mascot!!!

For those who din get to catch us last weekends,
Dun ever miss this again!!
Come in GENG and family!!

Cya there!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Malam Bersama GENG -- Geng Corner

some photos to share taken during ta event,
credits to akmal, acap and Faren.

two cuties taking pictures with the character stand~^^

Eejean aka Meimei: adik mao yg mana, beli dua-dua la, dua dua pun cantik maaa~

Masa quiz dijalankan,"pick me!!pick me!!"

Mr Janggel and friend bluetooth-ing for UpinIpin ringtones~

A family with the birthday gal, Adik Siti ^^
LCP crews sang a birthday song on the spot and given out a poster as gift~

Time for Upin and Ipin maskot!! Diserbu ramai ramai :D

Mumu ta event organizer, Kimi yg cute and our emcee of the night, Idaman aka Kak Ros

Yay! LCP crews aka sales persons with Mr.Janggel and friend~

It's a exciting event to get close to our fans,
we get to know each other, know who's suporting us.
some of the faces are really familiar that these people always attend the events held by us
Really thank you all for your supports!!
Please come again to join us and have fun together!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun GENG!!!^--------^

Designed by Mumu

Let's have fun as a GENG!!!
See you guys there!!^---^

and GENG starts showing TODAY!!!
in cinemas around malaysia!
For those who's going to watch soon or later,
thankyou in advance!!! *bow*

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pose with GENG Character Stand!!

New Character Stand in opis!!

Pose Girls~
Nizam: aku mo pose jugak~

Adam: sempat masuk pun~

Poowat: hehehe, aku print mia~
Mr.Ee: hehe, ros ni hen piao liang~

Mumu: biar aku papar u ros~

Do you want to pose with this awesome character stand??!
Yes then get yourself there during the promotional event that we are going to held start next week!!!
Besides, you will also get the chance to meet the voice talent in GENG the movie too!!!
Or more!! Meet the team behind the production!! :D
Alright, here's the schedule~

14/02/09 (Saturday) - GSC one utama (12pm-2pm)
15/02/09 (Sunday) - GSC Midvalley (12pm-2pm)
21/02/09 (Saturday) - GSC Pavillion (12pm-2pm)
22/02/09 (Sunday) - GSC Alamanda (12pm-2pm)

Do join us there!!

Ang Ang Chinese New Year 2009~

Ang ang strawberry~

It's a late post, hehe~^^"
I got back home late this year due to the transportation problem,
didn't get to join the house cleaning part which chinese people will do before Chinese New Year.

when i was young,
my siblings and i always get so excited bout CNY,
I think it's because we spent time together for lotsa things.
that time my grandma still here,
and we use to make our own cny cookies,
cleaning and repainting the house,
buying new clothes,
decorate the plum blossom tree with lotsa angpow on it,
bz sending and receiveing greeting cards etc.
The funniest part is, my mum is kinda strict on the discipline part
we only get to drink soft drinks unlimitedly during cny,
and that's what makes me look forward the cny to come, how silly XD
hahaha, but this year, i m no longer crazy bout soft drink,
i tasted the red wine in stead : p
This year,
I went to cameron with my family.
It's my second time there but it's new for me to go there during cny.
coz all these years,
my mother will prefer to celebrate at home,
stay home and wait for the relatives to come.
At the end of the time,
she's ta one who gets tired after all those cooking and cleaning.=.=
So this year we'd make her change her mind~hoho

Here i share some photos~^^

though i dun like to eat strawberry, but i gotta admit that she's beautiful ~:D

ta baby green strawberry~


Tomato farm~

Organic farm~

and i found this, clovers~lotsa them^^
May it brings happiness to all~

I really luv the fresh air and the greens up there at Cameron.
Being so close to the nature helps in relaxing body and mind~
Although i din get to meet up with any of my hometown friends,
but we'll always have chance right,
just dun forget to support our movie :D
All for those called/text me after seeing me on the tv,
thank you for still b able to recognize me, lolz

i had a brand new starts for the new year~^+++++^
And wish all of you have an awesome and prosperous year too~!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upin&Ipin New Series~~!!

New season is here~~!! Only on TV9~

Here's the schedule designed by Zarin to make sure everyone of you didn't miss it!
Whole new exciting stories and more action in this new season~!
Dun forget to watch O~^^

By the way, there're only 8 days left!!
One of my friend told me that 12 FEB is his birthday,
and he is going to watch GENG that day,
a free popcorn for you if you happen to see me there XD~