Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation - Tioman Island

We got a chance to get some fresh air!!
Away from the city and our beloved pc~
A trip to Pulao Tioman!!

Blue Sky and Sea~ ^O^

Baby Eilham was there too~ ^-^

With Sebiji Eejean~^^
U can refer her blog about the trip : p

While looking for the crabbie~^^V

The Lcpians were there, in Tioman~~^^
~Fun Papy~


asis said... a family day..

MY said...

island trip is really great..

Papysnow said...


Asis: haha, not all were there, lot more din join~^^

MY : Yup, definitely:D
White sand(not too white la, lol)
Blue sky and clear ocean~
Colorful fishies summore~
A good place to relax body and mind^^

sebiji eejean said...

ho! finally your post!
but so few pics.....T__T sui papy :p

Papysnow said...

hahaha, you there got a lot d ma XP