Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Congratzz Nasiloh!! ^^

Bright and sunny day~
We went down to Malacca for a wedding kenduri.

The Arrival of the couple

Nasiloh got married.
I used to think he has a long road to being a" grown-up" XD
But that day saw him in the wedding,
felt that he's now became mature d oh,
haha, ppl said: dah berumah tangga, byk tanggungjawab dipikul atas bahu, kenalah berusaha bersungguh-sungguh~

Receiving wishes from relatives and friends

A group photo b4 leaving~
Me and sebiji Ejean~^^
Nwayz, congratz to the lovely couple,

Do stay together-gether and live hapily ever after~^^

ps: nasiloh oh, make good use of the gift aaah XD

1 comment:

sebiji eejean said...

na zzzz lor is a real man dee..XD
we still childish as usual =X~
As young forever!! Roarrrr!