Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn festival !!^^

It's tanglung season again~^^
though the production is really in rush~
but Lcpians are good in finding time to have fun, hoho~
work hard and play hard is always the principle of LCPians XP
Ahwei made a perfect circle using ta tanglung XD
Aris plak guna fireworks XD There're sparks summore!
Faizu havin a "tanlgung healing process"after "everyone knows why" XP
Suddenly Izat from WOG pass by~XD
Aiyak, ahwei's tanglung latituuuu~
Akob aka render artist, busy finishing ta mooncake>:)
^O^ Created with tanglung~~

^^ We r havin fun with ta tanglung day~
I m glad that my malay friends are havin fun too~
though most of u dunno what's ta festival's about~XD
Anyhow,i'd like to wish everyone Happy Mid Autumn 2009~^^

~work hard! play hard!~


mediahorizon said...

bole tahan la.. kalau ada my pic inside ..better lo

sebiji eejean said...

hoho we got only 4 ppl playing tanglung that day XD~~but, those pictures very dark...-.-zz wuwuwu

Papysnow said...

I still got lotsa stocks, last year mia = =, enuf to play for few years d ~~XD