Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JoG JOg~

Today we (lembu, sapuan, bunny, cat, kaladizu, elepen and wall)
are suppose to jog after working hours.
but due to the unexpected weather changing... blowwww ~~~
This is ta 1st time i feel like going for ta jog after a long time...

Last time i went for jog was about 5 years ago(WAHHH!)=__="
tat's was during my beta year in MMU i guess,
i m not really into jogging but one of my very good friend lov it~
with the "trying out" mood, i folo her every morning,
wake up 6 in the morning,
jog ( i were more like walk =.=)around the campus near the lily pond~
nice scenery and fresh air there,
but now i guess the pond replace by new buildings d~
i always being left far behind, haha~
tat's wat ppl said, if u r slow, u r meant to being left behind~
coz ppl will keep movin forward, keep improving themselve~
to keep up with others,
weak one gotta work harder~
that's for sure~So, YOsH!^^V

Hopefully my next jogjog plan work~
and for those who "lepas kapal terbang" next time,
mao mati ga? >:)



mediahorizon said...

some ppl say picture is worth a thousand words

Papysnow said...

u mean urs??
hmmm, ya, it does~>:)

IdaMandarin said...

Jog jog~! Let's go jog jog sometime~!

Papysnow said...

time to lose some weight XD

Idaman gotta take ur meal too>:)