Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polis Sentry~~(o^----^o)

Police sentry is actually kid's game to judge who's win in an arguement or discussion
Here's how it happened us, the kidault??
At first, they are a few of us talking bout what to hav for dinner,
They are feibbo, beepbit, noobee, ikan bilis, sharkpik, Zubiru, Feizai & Feipoh~
Some wana go Ttdi, Geng corner, Pizza Hut, blaa~~
So we were kecoh-ing around when Zubiru came out with the idea
"police sentry" to settle the "problem" we are facing~XD
Everyone put one of their feet into a circle,
then we started counting by singing:

"Polis sentri.
One Two jaga.
Polis mati.
Pencuri jaga."
Who's the one get pointed at the end of the singing
means end of the game for him/her.
"Geng corner, out~
pizza hut out~
burger King out~

At the end,
TaaDaaaa~~SUBWAY WINS!!!
which represents by Mr.noobee~
Yay! Subway here we come~!!^O^
mayb others will think tat "Wth??XD"
But , who cares~hahahahahh~
Enjoy life and hav fun~

Me with my B.M.T~yum~

Feizai is the only one ordered foot long size bread~Mmg feizai~=.=

Cheers~~~with bread~

Beep Advert: Subway, meaty melty and healthy ~XD

Somehow this game provided us the solution,
coz it's fair, everyone agree,
everyone play and everyone's happy~^^
The good thing about kidault is
They keep their words after the game,
if not? then mayb u r still kid~: p
End of story~



hiro nakamura said...

so dek han ar.. post may pirate leng zai photos.. n without owner permission har.. hou dai dam ar..

Papysnow said...

here no lengzai~
oni got feizai~>:)