Friday, January 2, 2009

Paipai 2008 Welcome 2009~

Another year passed~
it's time to sum up wat u'd achieve and wat u'd missed in year 2008~
well, ta biggest thing for me in 2008 is ta movie
tat we'd been doing for ta pass 2 years,
finally DONE!! (will blog bout it soon XP)
heehohoho~~though now is ta starting of the promotion~
but technically done for production,
the movie is oledi transfer to reel~~
waiting to b send to ta cinema all over Malaysia~~
congratz to the team, we'd did it ~^---^
(though our product haven bring any money in =.=)

it's been quite a long period of time for the production,
but now, there're oni afew memorable moment tat left in my mind~
anyhow i still remember tat we started from the very scratch,
very few people,
every single set and props we touched before,
the people who join the team and left~
the wrongs tat i did~
the hardship tat nearly bring us down~
arguements and misunderstanding~
fights! XD
the fun we had together,
crazy stuff we did~
from worms to kong kong to gunbound to maple story to tf2...etc
lot more, but i kinda hav tis short term memory lost~-.-
if any of u guys remember anything
share it ~

I'll miss the ppl tat passed by my life,
strangers or friends~
for the good and bad memories they brought~
the wonderful moment we shared,
for those who left tis world,
will always there in the deepest part of the heart...
for new borned, welcome to ta world~

Brand new year's resolution~~

1) ....

not gonna tell here~>:)

Stay S & H~: p



haykirur said...

Happy New Year to you too :-D Nice blog!

Nizam said...

yay yuki! akhirnya siap! Memoriess.... ups and downs... Yang penting we all stick together until GENG siap! Hopefully it will meletup kedebabooooo

Papysnow said...

haykirur, thanks for dropping by~ : )

Papysnow said...

yeye!! dah mula bakar pun sumbu tu~~gogo!