Saturday, January 17, 2009

GENG Pengembaraan Bermula Press Preview 2009

Finally, D-DAY for our very first movie~!
--GENG-Pengembaraan Bermula Press Preview--
By Lescopaque Production~

The Invitation Card--designed by Fuad
The Press Preview was held in Cathay Cineplex Damansara 13 Jan 2009. Which take about 1 month for preparation. Organized by us, les'copaque n helped by Grand Brilliance.
We invited the people from press, media, bloggers, corporates, orphanage from puchong etc.

Banners everywhere~^^ (Ida.R & 3Ms --Set & Bg)

Gang Remaja TV3, They are pretty cool~
Everyone involved in this exciting events,
and i am in the registration with Nurul, Kila, Ejean, Idaman and Faren.
Kinda messy since we dunno most of the press/media friends,
luckily Diani was always around there to guide us~
It's nice working wif Nurul as she's a friendly funny gal~
Her famous phrase of the day : "takutnya~" XD
Hmmm, what are they looking at?? ?

Diani , Nurul and Kila in regis section~

Atashi, Ejean & Idaman~

Kila, Ed & YP helping to get the goodie bags ready~

Goodie bags ready to be given out~~

During the event i get to met some of my lecturer from MMU,
and also some ex-colleagues~
Great to hav u guys there^---^

Overall the event was going pretty smooth,
though i din get to watch together with the team for the big screen moment,
( me, Nurul, Ming standby at the Regis section)
but after the movie preview finished,
everyone's hav this same face full with satisfaction, enjoyment and mostly importantly,
the big ^_______________^ on their face.
i heard even some of the guys cried!!!
Yg Mr.Gemik paling obvious, right? >:)
But yeaa, for those who really put in their full heart,
worked hard for days and nights,
what they saw on the big screen was not only their piece of artwork,
there're tears and blood within...
I guess this ta kind of feeling only can b understand by the one who been thru it...
Other than that, the respone of the audience were really good and positive~!!!
Congratzzzzzzz to the team!!U guys are so awesome!!^O^

The Team!!

There are so many blogs written about this event,
so allow the lazy me to share just some photos here XP
taken by Faizu, Hidhir, Ejean and Adam~~



Ahwei ta texture artist~

Wif Nacilok~ The Technical Director and also animator for GENG~

Superstar Sharkpik XD, the Lead of sound effects for GENG,
he is also ta voice actor for character Muthu
(my Fav Character in GENG^.^)

Tn Haji Burhan a.k.a our Uncle, is one of the voice actor too, guess who~! XD
Non-Stop interview for the Director of GENG-Nizam ~

Q~~before entering the hall~ ^^

My second time to meet these young ladies~^^

Idaman and Ejean is ta Big sista tat handling the kids~

The main Voice actors : Balqis(Kak Ros), Fatiah(Upin&Ipin),Kanan(Rajoo) and Izwan(Badrol), (YP as Lim who's not in the photo)

Our Emcee, no others, Mr Voobee(Anas)~~

The seats were fulled!!

Cant wait to see the review from media/press^---^

Faizu-ta photographer~
Kesian sebab tak byk gambar dia diambik,
nah, exclusively utk faizu~> :)
with ejean~~She is the animator for GENG,
the only gal!! u rocks!!!!Other than tat she's also the voice actor for MeiMei in Upin & Ipin series~^^

Ahwei, Idaman, atashi, Ejean, Feicai and Ming,
Ming was really helpful for the event~^^

Last but not least, with SengKee a.ka Feizai a.k.a Uncle Choy~~
Animator for GENG as well~~

Hope Everyone enjoy D-Day and this is just the starts,
Coming Up, The Royal Premiere!!!
looking forward to it~^O^
or sure gonna be much AWESOME AWESOME & AWESOME!!!

Yeah!!Remember this 12-02-2009!!!!!



haykirur said...

Congratulations~ u did a great job! =D

Invader Voobee said...


Ida said...

ahaha Mr.Gemik??? Great long post! Well done to us for a very wonderful event. Let's do more awesome things for the gala later!! ^_______^

Ehsan said...

We did it, after weeks of preparation and anticipation :). Well after this is the Gala Premiere, twice as many people but I'm sure that we can handle. And this time, it's your turn to enjoy the movie in the cinema pulak :)

fuad mddin said...


sebiji eejean said...

no you rocks!!
WE ALL ROCKS!! ^______^

Ehsan said...

...I'm not a rock. T_T

sebiji eejean said...

YES you are EHSAN!
One of the ROCKERsss XD

Papysnow said...

haykirur : Thank you for ur support along the way~^----^

Voobee : is that ta best u can write =.=

Ida : Gemik is the one sitting wif Ida~huhuhahah~ Ofcoz, we hav Mumu and Diani, no worries XD

Ehsan : Thank you Ehsan~

Fuad : Good, you admit~>:)

Eejean : Keep Rocking~! XD

ania aina said...

uuuuu cngrats cngrats! ;3

hysMan.. said...

BTW,congrats GENG..
we r always support our local movie,exspecially Upin & Ipin..
haha..da lama tunggu nih..:P
i can't wait for 12 feb..
so excited beb..

Papysnow said...

Ania aina : Thank you~~^^

hysMan : Upin Ipin new episod is comin real soon, stay tune ~^^
tengok tengok tengok~

Aisyah said...

Hey, this is Aisyah..U know me? You commented on my blog.. I can't wait to watch GENG! My uncle works at LCP..

Papysnow said...

Hello Aisyah~
Your uncle Saf just told me that u r his niece, glad that you like our movie, see ya in the cinema orait?^^

Aisyah said...

All right....

sham23 said...

mmg best la..tahniah pada LCP...MAlaysia boleh..

Nasrul hafiz said...

Salam......cmne sy nk cntct Balqis(kak Ros) 2 ye.....?
Kwn lme dye m'cri dye.....tolong erk...?