Friday, September 11, 2009


DVD GENG is now available in ta market!!!
Those pakcik-pakcik and makcik makcik that i met during events,
who promised to support original GENG DVD,
now it's time!!!
Make your word into action!!!^O^
Buy the original DVD at rm35.90 and get a free poster~!

And here i introduce you some of the faces of Lcpean~
that haven appear in my blog ~^^
Let you guys know better that these passionate youngster,
are the people who working hard to present you the quality work of
Upin and Ipin~!

These are the original supporters!!!

Shafiq aka Muthu~ Ini quality bagus punya~

Get poster UpinIpin Angkasa for free with every purchase!

Ahwei : mali mali beli beli~

Nurnur promoting with her "kill you" smile~~ XD

Ropi aka Joe aka Senior render artist ~

Zaki aka Audio Designer~ Buy the original and get the poster behind me~

Haris aka concept artist aka compositor~
: bagi u dua mo?

Saf aka Compositor~: Apa u nak, jgn rampas dvd saya!

Idaman aka Kak Ros aka script writer : beli! jgn tak beli~!

The animators~ Salina and Sheila~

KengSan aka Lead Animator~
: make sure u include my figure in ta photo eh~ @.@"

Animator Nell~
Animator Kevin : In this DVD ala upin ipin punya aaa~

Animator Hassan : poster besar ! :D
Akmal aka Character modeler : * stareee* buy or die~

Aliya aka script writer :beli tao! *ngeeeee*
Ida & Fuad : Selamat membeli DVD original

Juan aka render artist : itu aku punya~
Utt: alaa, pinjam lah, nak bergaya jap~

Please support the original products of malaysian's hardwork!
A little contribution of your support create a better future for Animation industry~
Buy Original GENG : pengembaraan bermula~! DVD at rm35.90!
And you also get to join the contest which might get you fly to HongKong Disneyland~!
Hayaku! Hayaku~!



mediahorizon said...

nice post... really original from you.. clap3x

Akmal said...

* stareee* buy or die~ <--- i like!!!

shuji okishima said...

me have bought!!!

nawfal07 said...

Already bought this. 2-discs, really nice packaging. The Dolby Digital 5.1 the best I've heard from a local production. Picture quality really good, sharp, detailed (for a DVD) with vivid colors.

But one big thing that really dissapointed me. The video is not 16:9 anamorphic. It's 4:3 widescreen, I don't mind black bars top & bottom, but this will also add black bars left and right too. It will have to be streched or zoomed on our widescreen TVs, which I don't like. I hope Les Copaque re-release this with a proper video transfer. Or better yet, release it on Blu-ray, it wil be stunning.

Anonymous said...

go and write to the technical director and ask for an explaination laa

Papysnow said...

nawfal07 :
I m sorry to hear bout the problem that you r facing, hope u do find the solution, really appreciate and thankyou for supporting the originals.^---^