Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upin&Ipin New Series~~!!

New season is here~~!! Only on TV9~

Here's the schedule designed by Zarin to make sure everyone of you didn't miss it!
Whole new exciting stories and more action in this new season~!
Dun forget to watch O~^^

By the way, there're only 8 days left!!
One of my friend told me that 12 FEB is his birthday,
and he is going to watch GENG that day,
a free popcorn for you if you happen to see me there XD~



mummysyafie said...

start bila ni?? episod baru ke?

Papysnow said...

dah kluar dah kat tv9, episod musim ketiga!!
ini panjang sket, 7mins satu episod~