Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun GENG!!!^--------^

Designed by Mumu

Let's have fun as a GENG!!!
See you guys there!!^---^

and GENG starts showing TODAY!!!
in cinemas around malaysia!
For those who's going to watch soon or later,
thankyou in advance!!! *bow*


liyliymyworld said...


First of all thanks for ur comment on my blog..
Really surprised to receive ur comment..
Happy with it..

Congratulation to all of LCP management..

A big applause to all the management team in order to come out with such a good animation cartoon in Malaysia..

Keep in up..

Mr. Janggel said...


You guys done a very-very tremendous job. I really proud of that film and of coz to u guyz!.

Keep up the good work and stay creative!

** Sampai skg i still kagum dengan filem itu! ...(- *)!

Papysnow said...

liyliy and Mr.Janggel:

Thanks a million!!!We really appreciate your awesome writeup and review on our movie,
and really happy that you guys enjoy it too ^---^

zimie said...

wow..wat a good job..i really enjoyd diz movie...u all so marvelouse...i love diz movie..and i hope diz movie will bring Malaysia to eyes of the world..congrats...


nikillas said...

oh... thanks for leaving your comment in my site.. i'm really suprise.. Congratulation..!! Geng really cool..!!! I really enjoy it..!! Kasi ombak..!!!

saveme_zero said...

Aloo..TQs for ur comment on my blog. I really enjoy it la,not only me..everybody at cinema enjoy it. My dother yang 1 y pun really understood that stori is upin & ipin..hahaha.

Papysnow said...

Thank you all!!!
Kita org rasa sgt bangga sekali dengan adenya sambutan-sambutan dari korg!!
U guys rocksssssss!!!^O^

Junaidix said...

aku dah tengok gak upin & ipin.. memang best! hehe.. impresif!

Papysnow said...

Junaidix : trima kaceh~^^

MY said...

hi..thankz for the comment at my blog.really surprised at 1st.I am so happy to read ur comment. Even I tell everyone at my lab bout ur comment. haha.

I posted the blog right after I arrived at my room. The same night I watched the movie. woohoo..going to watch again with my bro.. I've been telling everyone to go to watch Geng.. Many many thumbs up to you guys..

Papysnow said...

My: we couldnt go that far without the support from u guys!! Thanksssss!! Hugzz!

izharhadafi said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. keep up the good works!