Monday, February 16, 2009

Malam Bersama GENG -- Geng Corner

some photos to share taken during ta event,
credits to akmal, acap and Faren.

two cuties taking pictures with the character stand~^^

Eejean aka Meimei: adik mao yg mana, beli dua-dua la, dua dua pun cantik maaa~

Masa quiz dijalankan,"pick me!!pick me!!"

Mr Janggel and friend bluetooth-ing for UpinIpin ringtones~

A family with the birthday gal, Adik Siti ^^
LCP crews sang a birthday song on the spot and given out a poster as gift~

Time for Upin and Ipin maskot!! Diserbu ramai ramai :D

Mumu ta event organizer, Kimi yg cute and our emcee of the night, Idaman aka Kak Ros

Yay! LCP crews aka sales persons with Mr.Janggel and friend~

It's a exciting event to get close to our fans,
we get to know each other, know who's suporting us.
some of the faces are really familiar that these people always attend the events held by us
Really thank you all for your supports!!
Please come again to join us and have fun together!!



sebiji eejean said...

yey~ another updates ^^
how's the tag by idaman...=X on hold..

Papysnow said...

tag?? o.O"

IdaMandarin said...

Tag! U're it!!! I mean all of you!

cik kedondong said...

sedihnye xdpt join
sbb time tu gi tgk GENG

Papysnow said...

Cik kedondong: takpe takpe,malam ini kita akan ade kat Time Square,
Saturday akan ade kat Pavillion and Sunday in Alamanda, catch any of this time slot to join us k ^^