Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pose with GENG Character Stand!!

New Character Stand in opis!!

Pose Girls~
Nizam: aku mo pose jugak~

Adam: sempat masuk pun~

Poowat: hehehe, aku print mia~
Mr.Ee: hehe, ros ni hen piao liang~

Mumu: biar aku papar u ros~

Do you want to pose with this awesome character stand??!
Yes then get yourself there during the promotional event that we are going to held start next week!!!
Besides, you will also get the chance to meet the voice talent in GENG the movie too!!!
Or more!! Meet the team behind the production!! :D
Alright, here's the schedule~

14/02/09 (Saturday) - GSC one utama (12pm-2pm)
15/02/09 (Sunday) - GSC Midvalley (12pm-2pm)
21/02/09 (Saturday) - GSC Pavillion (12pm-2pm)
22/02/09 (Sunday) - GSC Alamanda (12pm-2pm)

Do join us there!!


ninjaboy said...

You guys did a good job. I'll watch the movie at cinema to show support.

syima5424 said...

hye papysnow ;)
thx for dropping ur comment at my blog and best of luck for u and ur team ya ;D

* syg upin & ipin sgt2 :D *

mummysyafie said...

12 feb erk..upin n ipin ada sekali tak? mesti anak² kiter suka ni

tak sabar nak tunggu esok..esok dah start jual tiket kan. kalau kat alamanda ni kena booked tiket awal sbb weekend mesti seat penuh.

send my regards to upin n ipin kay

Papysnow said...

thanks ninjaboy~appreciate that^^

Papysnow said...

mummysyafie: yaya, esok dah kluar kat wayang! Upin Ipin siri 3 dah kluar kat tv9, dvd masih blum lagi, tapi in progress dah :D

Kita akan ade promotional event kat alamanda nanti, upin ipin akan ade jugak!!^----^ hope to see you and your boys there~

Papysnow said...

syima5424: thanks a lot sweetie^^